Here is the profile of a CAM from an 1995 Auzzie, 1298cc SOHC

The measurements were made with a dialgauge setup under the head touching the center of the valve.
The valve/rocker gap was set to NILL (0) by finger nail ;^)
I photocopied a protractor and stuck it on the cam pulley with a few magnets with 0/360 at the top near the line up mark on the
timing cover/pulley back plate. Then backed off all but the one rocker (follower) and read off the valve movement evey 10 Deg.
To make the pulley easy to turn, put the/an old timing belt on the pully and hold the belt as close to the pully as you can.

I would like people to try this on other CAMs, both stock
and aftermarket. If you have/get any readings please email me.

Originaly found HERE